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This website is clearly cut in two halves. One is a scientific theory describing the logical mind, the second is about spirituality. It happens that the two are connected in some way, which is going to be explained.

At first the work about the logical mind was an attempt to elaborate one single underlying theory which could explain  the classical theory of syllogisms on one hand, and Freudian logic of the unconscious on the other hand, taken into account that these two logics look pretty different and even opposite.  This theory is now published, and its fundamental principle is that the mind only works by identifications, essentially it identifies structures from one context to the other. It is possible to reconstruct from this principle the syllogisms and also the rules of the unconscious, the theory explains also, as a bonus, many linguistic phenomena and the construction of meaning.

It appeared that this theory had a “crazy” consequence, which turned out to be great. Lacan analyzing Freudian unconscious had developed the idea of three registers: Imaginary, Symbolic, Real (the RSI hypothesis). It happened that our theory could reconstruct the symbolic register from the imaginary one. So we were left with a RI system: the imaginary world being all that the mind can elaborate, and the real world, which is “the rest”, that means what is beyond the mind.

So our result is that if we postulate that the mind only works by identifications, the content of any knowledge can only be imaginary. This is exactly what oriental philosophy asserts, so this is the link with spirituality.

Except that spirituality is not a theory! Spirituality is a personal path. So why now a normal guy like me, educated in the West, whose motto was very near something like: “life is too short, let’s take the best of it”, having the most normal life one can think of, has created a website about spirituality? It happened that  one day I clicked to this link, then I started to think. I acknowledged very soon that there was no way to “take the best of life” without being mentally healthy (if while watching CNN or any other channel we have this little voice telling us: ‘ok, this world is crazy”, then we can legitimately wonder in what to be normalized and adapted to this world is an assurance of being mentally healthy). After I clicked to this other link I understood that only spirituality or a/the spiritual religion could bring me the mental health I needed to take the best of my life.

So I literally put my actual “no life” on the table, and I bet,  in the hope of one “life”, life in the sense of what I had in mind when I thought ” to take the best of it”.  So I didn’t change my goal, I just changed my strategy! I even wrote a book about it. Was it a good or a bad move? I have no idea about it, don’t ask me I don’t know. Still I keep thinking that I’ve been smart enough to realize that there is no other choice.