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We present here a book : 16 months to Freedom, intended to help Western people to get acquainted to Upanishadic philosophy and help them reach the State. Contrarily to what everyone says here about it, the State is not impossible and not even that difficult to reach. We kind of agree that it’s not doable for someone who follows information which doesn’t work, but the adventure starts looking a lot easier once we start sticking to information which DOES work.

This is the reason why our Way to the State has been based on three fundamental articles by T. Padmanabhan. We urge everyone who seriously wants to reach the State to stick to these three documents. Since they are so important, we gave you a direct access to them here on this website, or you can click on the following links too.  The Answer goes right to the point.  Gita is great for us western people, usually lost in a false definition of spirituality in between culpability and inhibited behavior. It will show you what a true religion is, logically coherent, helping you getting rid of inhibitions fears and culpability, turned towards action. The FAQ is in our opinion a great ressource all along your Way so you really don’t misunderstand the first two articles. T. Padmanabhan thinks that the book we present here can help many people along the Way, we think it too. There is no greater fun in this world than this adventure into the Unknown. This is the point of view we take here, so only two words: “have fun!”

FAQ by T. Padmanabhan

8 December 2019

Gita by T. Padmanabhan

The Answer by T. Padmanabhan

16 months to Freedom

6 December 2019