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Psychoanalysis today gives us a completed map of the evolution of the unconscious since birth, even since the prenatal world. One approach would be to use this map to go back to logic, mathematics and more generally to sciences and try to determine to what extent these activities owe to the man’s first experiences. Why, then, not to postulate, if only as an exercise, that everything comes from experiment, but to include in this word all that we have on this map of the unconscious.

In a second phase, it is astonishing how psychoanalysis adapts itself and completes the famous socratic Know-Thyself, in its very first acceptance, understand yourself, as well as in its most philosophical sense, to become aware of one’s own measure without attempting to compete with the gods. From this double meaning, psychoanalysis becomes one, a single unity that leads to a practice of philosophy. It offers a path for those who wish to walk through it, a pragmatic path to some wisdom.