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We present a few articles which we find are fun. One is about an interpretation of the wave function, one is about a model with varying gravitational constant. These articles are kind of exercises to show how some philosophical proposition can give or not good insights about a theory in physics. They are maybe not very important for physics, but we’ve used them crucially in elaborating our theory of identifications which applies to logic.

We have analyzed how a paradigm can be changed in science, using especially the article about the gravitational constant.

An interpretation for the wave function

26 December 2017

We present an interpretation of the wave function which gets rid of the probabilities and which transforms the wave function collapse into a principle of symmetry breaking. We are aware […]

Conservation of energy and Gauss Bonnet gravity

23 November 2017

In the present article, we prove that any tensor of degree two in the Riemann tensor, which satisfies the principle of conservation of energy, vanishes identically, in dimension D = […]

Tensorial Quantum Gravity and the Cosmological

22 November 2017

In the present article, which is the first part of a work in three parts, we build an equation of quantum gravity. This equation is tensorial, is equivalent to general […]

Numerical correspondences between the physical

21 November 2017

We present here a note which synthesizes our previous ideas concerning some problems in cosmology, and the numerical correspondences between the constants in physics which we could deduce.