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According to our model of the mind, thinking is translating informations from one language to another. Images (intuition) are one language, the formal code is another,  the language of everyday too, and so on. Our conception of pedagogy consist of 1) repeat the basics again and again considering each problem from every angle possible and “translating” each information from one of these angles to the others 2) giveto the person who’s learning the information he/she needs to solve one his/hers own problems and not giving a global solution to one problem he didn’t ask himself/herself about (if he/she doesn’t understands  the solution, we believe it’s because he/she has no idea about the problem this solution is supposed to solve) 3) never underestimate the extreme difficulty of any problem, would it be the nature of addition or multiplication, if we are to ask the questions from all the angles that requires this problem.