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Art and Thought


A study of the laws of thought, which we will seek if possible to bring back to a single elementary operation. Under these conditions, all human activities would be analogous, or even identifiable with each other. This single operation could only be an operation of identification, an analogy becoming so precise that it would be nothing but the recognition of the same only differently declined. Metonymy, for example, would be to the original object what the partial object is to the total object. The sail for the boat, the iron for the sword. It is the Kleinian pair partial object-total object that is declined in different situations but always identical to itself.

Under these conditions, thought itself would be the very reason of unification, of knowledge, as we say unification of all interactions in Physics. Beyond the true and the false, declining the same as its only rule, thought naturally concludes that if Zhuangzi dreamed of the butterfly, the butterfly also could only dream of Zhuangzi.